Free Consultation and Trial

We offer a 1-month trial of the software to help you decide if CustomsNet meets your operational needs. Please contact us to arrange for a download and allocation of a trial license.

Give us a call to discuss your CBSA data exchange requirements.

CustomsNet is a communications software program that enables brokers, freight forwarders, logistics firms and importers / exporters to send or receive EDI transactions from Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) via the internet. It connects your company connects you with CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) in a secure and reliable way. CustomsNet interfaces via backend processes using queues (folders) based on the fact that most clients are replacing an existing method of communicating such as VAN or CADEX.

  • CustomsNet software manages the following sequence of tasks:

    1. RNS (Release Notification System) transactions flow through the CIG the same as the other customs transactions. Clients need to be able to handle RNS responses on the back end, or we can help provide you with software services to do so.
    2. CustomsNet checks for inbound data on a cycle determined by the client (e.g. every 5 minutes). Outbound data is sent on demand. The system looks for outbound transactions in a particular folder with a particular file extension (as configured by the client) and sends as soon as it becomes aware of an outbound file.
    3. When an outbound file is sent, CustomsNet puts the sent file in the outbound pending queue. CBSA will respond initially with an MDN (Message Disposition Notification) which will indicate that the file has been received.
    4. When the MDN is received, the outbound file is moved from the outbound pending queue to the outbound archived queue.

    If there is a failure during transmission, CustomsNet can notify your system administrator(s) via email.

  • CustomsNet features include:

    • Effective, secure interaction with CBSA using the CBSA PRD standard.
    • Digital handshake acknowledgments so you know that your message arrived at CBSA and when it got there.
    • Compatible with Entrust 9.2
    • Simple to use, with automated problem reporting and archiving.
    • Quality and timely support ensure issues are addressed promptly.
    • Run test\production concurrently (for the high volume we offer two instances). 
    • Automated exception reporting.
    • Automated archiving.
    • Knowledgeable support and familiarity with CBSA requirements and customs electronic workflows.
    • Processing supports all published CBSA standards.
  • Using just the CustomsNet CIG along with the Entrust Entelligence9.2 and your CBSA PKI Certificate, you will be able to securely send to CBSA in the format of your choice (e.g. CADEX, ANSI, EDIFACT) as well as download any information CBSA has sent to you, allowing you to easily track your freight’s status:

    • The Entrust client handles the encryption and authentication of the messages between clients and CBSA; CustomsNet interfaces with the Entrust client – once it is installed and configured, there is no need to interact with the Entrust client directly.

    • CustomsNet supports the ability for users to submit information under multiple account security numbers (i.e. on behalf of other CBSA clients)

    • Full password protection at log on with public and private keys along with full interface access password protection for secure communications over IP
  • Set up is simple and we work directly with you to deploy, test and migrate to production.We will contact you by phone or e-mail to assist with software configuration and coordinate pre-production testing with CBSA.

    We will then pre-configure your download as required. With your permission, we will install and configure CustomsNet software for you on your server.

    You will require Entrust 9.2 Entelligence and a valid PKI Certificate. 

    You also need to request a CustomsNet license code to operate the software. 

    If you have already purchased a CustomsNet license, you may download a copy of the software once you have received a copy of the license code by e-mail.

  • RNS is considered a separate application by CBSA so your company must sign an MOU and go through the testing process with them before moving to the production environment.

    CustomNet handles the communication and confirmation of messages sent between the client and CBSA. This includes all CBSA CADEX and ACROSS messages for which the client is signed up for with CBSA. 

    However, before proceeding, you must be pre-certified by CBSA and have a validated CBSA PKI Certificate. Subject to Entrust and CBSA requirements, the Entrust Version 9.2 client is available for download from the CBSA or Entrust site for no extra charge.

    You will also need to install the CBSA version of Entrust Entelligence 9.2 or later before CustomsNet is activated. Once your company has signed the memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the CIG, CBSA will provide information regarding the download of the Entrust Client. This includes documentation for the Certificate Authority, as well as technical details on how to download the client. 

    CBSA maintains a separate testing environment, used when clients sign on for additional applications (such as RNS). Not to worry – we will work closely with you on your behalf to set up. We can provide you with two instances, one for testing, and one for production. Your setup will include pre-configuration, log analysis, and testing by our team as required.

    Minimum system requirements:

    • Windows 2000 or newer
    • 1 GB of free space
    • 512 MB RAM

    A high-speed internet connection is recommended.