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Quality Software Development

We are a 100% Canadian Software Company in business since 1996. 

CustomsNet was developed by Rogue Data Corporation. We specialize in high availability, high volume workflow systems with a variety of software products adopted across several industries.
The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is the hub for all of the electronic commerce for crossing the border to and from Canada. In 1996, our development team implemented and continues to support the engine that drives that process. Our data exchange solution is licensed to the Canada Border Services Agency for translation, validation and routing of electronic customs declarations and releases. Over 500,000 transactions are processed daily valued at over $1 billion / day on behalf of over 6,000 global trading partners worldwide using RDC software. Our systems undergo continuous renewal in close cooperation with CBSA  as new services and requirements are requested by Canada Customs.
Based on this experience, we developed the CustomsNet PKI secured transaction communication solution for use with the Canada Border Service Agency. For more information on our company, please visit us at www.roguedata.com