We Provide Full Deployment Services and Ongoing Support

Please call us at (613)288-2839 to get more information about the latest CBSA updates as well as setup support.

We bring extensive experience in data exchange and messaging architectures through our parent company. Our components are used by CBSA to help manage validation and routing of customs transactions.

We can design, configure and even set up and deploy a data exchange infrastructure that reflects your needs. We can provide customized interfaces and message handling solutions for any sized enterprise. This may include assisting you with troubleshooting, upgrades or adjustments to your standards and systems as needed.

For over 16 years, we have supported CBSA with core messaging systems that validate and route electronic customs transactions. We provide the right knowledge and experience to ensure your systems and data exchange needs are met when it matters most:

  • We offer insight and expert advice based on your data exchange needs or challenges;
  • Depending on your volume of transactions and number of trading partners, we can reduce the effort to automate or upgrade your EDI systems;
  • We provide proven software components that may be configured to address your operational EDI and secure communications requirements;
  • Messaging Architectures for both inbound and outbound data exchange;
  • Data Exchange Systems and Infrastructure (we provide the components and supporting change management planning); 
  • Message routing, infrastructure design and performance reviews; and,
  • Mapping Services (we support multiple standards including CADEX, ANSI and EDIFACT as well as proprietary formats in use by CBSA.)

Partner with Us

In addition to the CIG, we can partner with you to provide EDI compliant dashboard interfaces for generating and processing RNS and B3 accounting transactions with CBSA.